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We Are Hiring – OmiaFoods

Position: Agricultural Marketing Officer

Location: Gulu

Qualification: Certificate in any business related course with experience in marketing.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collect market price information weekly from the local markets and update the Marketing Manager every Saturday.
  • Collect data from local markets and this information includes the Name of the Market Vendor, contact, location, and what they sell.
  • Guide farmers on the quality of produce to be sold to Omia Foods.
  • Coordinate with the Extension team to identify farmers and what they want to sell and assess the quality of their produce.
  • Collect details of Farmers linked to Omia Foods, these details include the name of the farmer, contact, and location, what the farmer produced.
  • Identify Market Vendors and all Potential buyers in Gulu district and these details include; Name, contact, location, and what they buy.
  • Ensure Products sold are clean, sorted, and well packaged.
  • Link Farmers to potential buyers and capture all details of the transaction once it’s successful.
  • Carry out a weekly stock take and submit it to the Commodity Marketing Manager.
  • Inform management of customer feedback.
  • Receive and validate Purchases at Omia Food stores.
  • Inform Management of Stock that is delayed to sell.
  • Carry out any other duties assigned.

Submission deadline is 8th February 2024


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