Welcome to Omia Agribusiness Development Group

Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions before placing any order for Goods or Services through the Omia Agribusiness App. By placing an order through the Application/Website, whether by phone or any other available channel, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Section 1: Introduction

We are Omia Agribusiness Development Group Ltd, a limited liability company duly registered under the laws of Uganda (Registration Number: 80010004357527) operating the Omia Agribusiness App.

Our registered office is located at Plot 6, Staff Lane, Junior Quarters, Arua City, Uganda.

Contact us at oadgltd@gmail.com.

Our website is omiaagribusinessdg.com.

Section 2: Definitions

2.1. Agreement: Refers to these Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), the Privacy Policy, any payment instructions, and any other form provided to you.

2.2. Privacy Policy: Refers to the policy accessible on our Application/Website detailing the collection and storage of personal data.

2.3. You: Refers to the person accessing the Application/Website, placing orders for Goods or Services.

2.4. We, Us, Our, Omia: Refers to Omia Agribusiness Development Group Ltd.

2.5. Goods: Refers to agricultural inputs and food items offered for sale through our Application/Website.

2.6. Services: Refers to delivery services by our riders, and extension services provided by our staff.

2.7. Application/Website: Refers to our Omia Agribusiness App platform.

Section 3: Ordering

3.1. By placing an order through our Application/Website, you enter into an agreement with Omia for the processing of that order.

3.2. Omia is responsible for the preparation, quality, and delivery of your order. You warrant that the details provided are accurate and complete.

3.3. You warrant that the payment channels provided are for your own and that you are the legal holder.

3.4. Goods may have differences from the photos on the Application/Website; Omia is not liable for such differences.

3.5. Ensure that the goods ordered are suitable based on age, preferences, taste, and health status.

3.6. Provide accurate Telephone number, e-mail address and password for ordering. Keep login details secure.

3.7. Orders are subject to availability, delivery capacity, and acceptance by us. Confirmation will be sent with order details.

Section 4: Prices and Payment

4.1. The Agreement for orders made is between you and Omia.

4.2. Prices listed on the Application/Website may be altered. Prices include sales ta, and delivery charges will be communicated after placing your order.

4.3. All prices are updated; if not current, you will be contacted to opt-out.

4.4. Total price, including delivery charges, will be displayed on the Application/Website. Full payment must be made.

4.5. Online payment must be made before delivery. Credit card details are encrypted for security.

Section 5: Delivery

5.1. Delivery aims to be close to your requested time but cannot be guaranteed.

5.2. Late delivery is not the responsibility of Omia.

5.3. Late delivery does not void or refund delivery charges.

5.4. Risk passes to you upon delivery.

5.5. Adequate arrangements must be in place for delivery. Omia is not liable for damage due to inadequate arrangements.

5.6. No liability for losses arising from late delivery.

5.7. Delivery may not be possible in some locations; you will be informed accordingly.

Section 6: Cancellation

6.1. Notify Omia via phone call for order cancellation before dispatch

6.2. Omia may cancel an order if unavailable and will return any payment made.

6.3. Refunds for cancellations will be processed within 21 days.

6.4. Wrong orders may be rejected, and refunds processed.

Section 7: Intellectual Property Rights

7.1. All rights, titles, and interests in content, trademarks, and text are proprietary to Omia.

Section 8: Information

8.1. Provide accurate and complete information.

8.2. Authorization to use, store, or process your personal information for service provision and marketing purposes.

Section 9: Complaints

9.1. Complaints will be responded to within 24 business hours. Submit complaints to oadgltd@gmail.com.

Section 10: Limitation of Liability

10.1. No liability for errors or omissions on the Application/Website.

10.2. Relieve Omia from liability arising from third-party information or services.

10.3. Limited liability for loss or damage; statutory rights unaffected.

10.4. No liability for delays, failures, errors, or losses of transmitted information.

10.5. No liability for failure or delay due to events outside reasonable control.

10.6. In cases of abuse of vouchers or discount codes, Omia may block customers and seek compensation.

10.7. Offers subject to Omia’s discretion and may be withdrawn at any time.

Section 11: General

11.1. Prices in Uganda Shillings.

11.2. Subcontracting and assignment may occur without consent.

11.3. Omia may alter T&Cs without notice.

11.4. Payment must be made at the time of ordering by credit card, mobile money, or cash at delivery.

11.5. Do not use automated systems, collect or harvest information, or launch any malicious activities on the Application/Website.

11.6. These T&Cs, Privacy Policy, order form, and payment instructions constitute the entire agreement.

11.7. If any term is deemed invalid, the remainder of the Agreement continues.

11.8. Governed by Ugandan laws; exclusive jurisdiction of Ugandan courts.

11.9. No delay or failure to enforce rights constitutes a waiver unless confirmed in writing.