Welcome to Omia Agribusiness Development Group


For all the farmers that we work with, we provide free technical training. This is done in the following ways;

At the Sales Outlets

We have Sales Agronomists and Animal Health/Nutrition Officers at every outlet across the country. These are qualified people with a minimum of a diploma in Agriculture or Animal Production. They advise farmers on value chain issues right from enterprise selection, land preparation/livestock infrastructure, Seed Selection/breed choice, nursery bed management, transplanting, fertilizer use, soil and water conservation, crop protection, animal health and nutrition etc. This enables the farmer to plan and manage the farming enterprise well.

At the Farm

We have Extension Officers for every outlet who set out to support farmers in their farms Monday to Friday. Their Main work involves identifying farmers that require support, visit the farmers, scout or Examine or Observe the farm, diagnose issues arising from the field, recommend/prescribe appropriate and practical solutions for the farmer, illustrate correct use of the prescription and then regularly follow up on progress.

Rural Agents

To ensure that our services are closer to Rural Farmers, we work with Village Agents and Community Based Paravets (CBPs) to ensure last mile delivery and also timely technical support for our farmers. The agents are then paid a commission for what they sell. With time, these agents grow into small Agro Input shops in the community that not only takes services closer to the farmers but also create rural employment and entrepreneurship. Often we establish learning demonstration gardens hosted by the agents where farmers come to learn hands-on best management practices.

Pre-Season Trainings

During the Dry Season, we offer trainings at different areas where we operate on various topics such as Vegetable Farming as a Business, Affordable Irrigation Options for farmers, Poultry Management Etc. These trainings help prepare farmers for the rainy season as they will be able to clearly know which enterprises to engage in, what input combinations they require, best management practices and which value chain actors they need to engage with to succeed in their Agribusinesses.

Radio Adverts

We work with local FM Radios to put Adverts and Radio Talk shows. The Adverts help create awareness about improved Agro Inputs. The Radio Talk shows give us an opportunity to do virtual and detailed trainings about a specific topic, thus reaching more farmers in a limited period of time.

Digital Channels

For more enlightened and commercial farmers, we provide free information across our social media handles, WhatsApp groups and the website.