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Seeding Success: The Inspiring Journey of Agent Vicky and Omia Agribusiness

Seeding Success: The Inspiring Journey of Agent Vicky and Omia Agribusiness

At Omia Agribusiness, we believe in empowering individuals like Lanyero Vicky to transform their communities through agriculture. Meet Vicky, one of our esteemed agents, based in Opwachi Village, Gem Parish, Lalogi Sub-County, Omoro District.

Vicky’s journey with agriculture began as a full-time farmer cultivating maize and soya beans. However, she soon recognized the challenges her community faced in accessing quality agro inputs. Driven by a passion to make a difference, Vicky founded Vickla Agro Inputs Dealer in 2022, with a vision to serve and uplift local farmers.

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Through her partnership with Omia Agribusiness, Vicky gained invaluable knowledge and support. Attending training sessions facilitated by World Vision in collaboration with Omia, she honed her skills in customer service, business management, and agricultural practices. Equipped with newfound expertise, Vicky has not only expanded her business but also become a beacon of hope for farmers in her community.

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Vicky’s dedication to her craft and her community is evident in her words.
“What inspired me to start this business was the difficulty I faced in accessing agro inputs. I wanted to help many farmers.”

Today, Vickla Agro Inputs Dealer stands opposite Acwec Apoko Petrol Station along Moroto Road, Lalogi Town Council, serving as a hub for agricultural solutions.

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With Omia Agribusiness by her side, Vicky’s business has flourished, attracting numerous customers and earning her a reputation as a trusted advisor in agricultural matters. Looking ahead, Vicky envisions expanding her enterprise to include animal production inputs, further diversifying her offerings and reaching even more individuals in need.

Join us at Omia Agribusiness Development Group Limited in celebrating the success story of Vicky and countless others like her. Together, we cultivate not just crops, but also prosperity and growth in every corner of our communities.


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