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Omia Foods

From Our Farmers to You / Market Linkages for what farmers have Produced.

We aggregate demand from vendors, hotels, schools and exporters and provide it to farmers as a market for their produce. The range of items that we source from the farmers include;

Fresh Vegetables

These include fresh tomatoes, cabbage, Onions and other vegetables. We source from farmers, clean it, sort it and package it nicely for our consumers or businesses.

Fresh Fruits

These include Mangoes, Avocado, Citrus, Papaya, Watermelon and other fresh fruits. Sourced, cleaned, sorted and packed just right for the consumers and businesses.


We also source, clean, dry, sort and package dry grains such as sesame, beans, maize and others from our farmers for sale to Vendors, Schools, Hotels and Exporters.

Fresh Eggs

From our livestock farmers we buy back eggs, clean them, package for businesses and consumers.

Fresh Chicken

For our farmers engaged in production meat chickens, we buy live birds from them, slaughter and dress as Halal Chicken sold to consumers and businesses.

Omia Foods

The Omia Foods Brand is dedicated to providing market for the farmers produce while at the same time ensuing safe and affordable food for consumers.