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Crop Production Inputs

Vegetable Seeds

These are either hybrid or open pollinated varieties for Vegetables such as Tomatoes, Onions, Watermelons, cabbages etc. The seeds are drought tolerant, disease tolerant, high yielding, good shelf life and early maturing. Vegetables are also high return crops per unit piece of land.

Field Crop Seeds

These are crops that include; maize, beans, soybean Etc. We have Hybrid and open pollinated varieties. The seeds are high yielding, Drought and disease tolerant, early maturing and some fortified with nutrients that are essential for children and pregnant women. Higher returns from these crops requires a bigger acreage/land size.


The intention is to supplement existing nutrients in the soil. These can be organic or inorganic but we advise farmers to use both such that they are able to meet short term crop needs (inorganic fertilizers have high nutrient content and can easily be released to the soil) while at the same ensuring that the soils are productive over the long period of time (organic fertilizers: improve soil physical properties such as ability to withhold water, nutrients, buffer PH and keep a high micro-organism population etc.). Farmers are properly trained before using the products.


These are Agro Chemicals that are used by farmers to manage inspect pests. They can be organic such as nimbecidine or in organic such as Cypermethrin. There are also contact and systemic options that can be used by the farmers. Farmers are properly trained before using them.


These are Agro Chemicals used to manage fungal infections. They can be organic such as Bio Cure F or they can be inorganic such as Mancozeb. There are also contact, trans laminar and systems options available. Farmers can use them to prevent or cure fungal infections. Farmers are properly trained before using them.


These include Agro Chemicals that are used to manage weeds. They can be selective (only killing certain type of weeds) or can be non-Selective (can kill all types of plants). Farmers are properly trained on use before using them.

Farm Tools, Equipment and Machinery

We have simple tools such as Hand hoes, Forked Hoes, Slashers, Spade Etc. We also have Equipment such as for Irrigation, Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling and Value Addition. Machinery for farm operations are also available.


These include other planting materials such as Cassava Cuttings, Sweet potato Vines and Potato Seeds