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From Engineer to Farmer: Ojok Geofrey’s Thriving Tomato Tale with Omia Agribusiness

Empowering Farmers: Ojok Geofrey’s Journey with Omia Agribusiness

In the heart of Orapwoyo A Village, Orapwoyo Parish, Loyoajonga Sub-County, Omoro District, a remarkable transformation is taking place.

Meet Ojok Geofrey, a civil engineer turned passionate tomato farmer, whose journey with Omia Agribusiness is a testament to the power of knowledge and community support in agriculture.

It all began with a radio program on Radio Rupiny in Gulu, where Ojok and his family tuned in to listen to Omia Agribusiness Gulu team sharing valuable insights on farming practices.

Intrigued by what he heard, Ojok decided to take action and visited Omia Agribusiness’s shop in Gulu to seek further guidance.

“After listening to the radio program, after a week, I decided to go to Omia Agribusiness [Shop in Gulu physically]. I inquired about the tomato variety I could grow for early harvest and performs best in warm environments. But I wanted Ansel F1 from the onset and indeed bought it,” Ojok shared enthusiastically.

With the support and advice from Omia Agribusiness, Ojok selected the Ansel F1 tomato variety, known for its resilience and high yield in warm climates.

With dedication and hard work, Ojok’s tomato farm flourished, promising a bountiful harvest.

“I am very happy and I have got a market for my produce. The people buying will be coming to pick them soon,” Ojok said, beaming with pride.

Grateful for Omia Agribusiness’s support and inspiration, Ojok expressed his joy in embracing farming wholeheartedly, despite putting his engineering profession on hold.

“I am very happy for Omia for inspiring me into farming. I have put my engineering profession on hold to do farming and I am enjoying it,” Ojok remarked, highlighting the transformative impact of Omia Agribusiness’s encouragement and guidance.

Ojok’s journey is a shining example of the positive change that can occur when farmers are equipped with the right knowledge and resources. Through its commitment to empowering farmers like Ojok, Omia Agribusiness continues to make a difference in communities, fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability in agriculture.

Join us in celebrating Ojok Geofrey’s success story and the countless farmers like him whose lives have been transformed by the vision and support of Omia Agribusiness. Together, we cultivate prosperity and growth, one harvest at a time.


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