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Characteristics of a good quality seed.

It’s very crucial for farmers to choose the right seeds for their crops because the quality of seeds affects the quality and quantity of the harvest. A good quality seed is not just any seed, but one that;

– Is pure, viable, vigorous, and has high-yielding potential, meaning it can produce healthy plants that can withstand stress and give you more output.

– Is free from seed-borne diseases and pest infection , meaning it can prevent the spread of harmful pathogens and insects that can damage your crops and reduce your income.

– Is clean, free from weed seeds or any inert materials , meaning it can save you time and money from weeding and cleaning your fields.

– Is whole and not broken or damaged; crushed or peeled off; half filled and half rotten, meaning it can ensure uniform germination and growth of your plants?

– Meets the prescribed uniform size and weight , meaning it can optimize the use of space and resources in your fields.

– Is as fresh as possible or of the proper age, meaning it can retain its viability and vigor for longer periods.

– Contains the optimum amount of moisture (8-12%), meaning it can avoid drying out or rotting during storage and transportation.

– Has a high germination percentage (more than 80%), meaning it can guarantee a good stand of plants in your fields.

– Germinates rapidly and uniformly when sown, meaning it can synchronize the development of your plants and make them easier to manage

Is true to its type, meaning it is genetically pure, free from admixtures, and belongs to the proper variety or strain of the crop that suits your Agro climate and cropping system.

Conclusively, Farmers should always source for a good quality seed for easy management of the crops, boost productivity and increase output.


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