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Climate Smart Agricultural Practices

With the unreliable rainfall patterns, increased dry days in a month and temperatures, we advise our farmers to adopt Climate Smart Agricultural practices. Some of the practices we are promoting include;

  1. Mulching: This practice helps keep the little moisture available in the soil. Dry grass, maize stovers and other materials are put to good use. These later rot and add to the level of organic matter in the soil.
  2. Affordable Irrigation Options. We promote adoption of irrigation technologies that can enable farmers to grow even in the dry season. These range from as simple as putting water drums next to their gardens and later use a watering can to Solar water pumps and fuel pumps.
  3. Drought tolerant crop varieties: We deliberately promote varieties that can tolerate drought such as Maize Longe 10H. This way the farmer can still harvest something despite the prolonged dry season.
  4. Diversify into livestock production. This provides a harbor just in case climate variability hits the crops very hard. They do not lose everything.
  5. Use anti Transpirants such as SuperGrow, Sunguard and Green Miracle. These minimize the amount of water lost through the crop leaves and ensure the little moisture is used for productive purposes.
  6. Site farms near areas that have a reliable water source. This allows them to easily provide water during periods of prolonged drought.
  7. Intercropping: This practice minimizes total crop loss resulting from climate variability since more than one crop is being grown in the same field.

Climate Smart Agriculture is not about a specific one size fits-all practice but rather different set of practices for different contexts.


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  1. hello team, kindly advise me on the best irrigation options available on the market to aid. I’m interested in adopting one for my fields.

    1. Dear Benjamin,

      Please reach out to our Irrigation Engineer Mr Habib on 0782340951
      Thank you.

      Best regards,

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